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Best jQuery plugin to validate form fields

v{{ site.current_version }} · by @nghuuphuoc



written from scratch · JSHint free · well tested with Jasmine


support declarative settings · HTML 5 attributes · HTML 5 input types


{{ site.data.validators.size }} validators · Easy to write a new one · {{ site.data.languages.size }} language packs


feedback icons · threshold option · tooltip/popover error


dynamic option · dynamic field · dynamic messages


play nice with other


What people say

this is really cool stuff and it works! @formvalidation great work
such a lifesaver, thanks! @nghuuphuoc now I can validate my HTML form in no time, and beautifully! :D
@formvalidation Great work! BootstrapValidator is exactly what I needed.
@formvalidation been searching and looking high and low, now the search is over, sticking to this :D
Validation plugin for Bootstrap from @formvalidation. Give it a try, looks great!
@formvalidation great lib - thx for the work @tipdoge tip 1000
Great combination of web toolkits making frontend easy... @twbootstrap @formvalidation @jquery @fontawesome @gulpjs if you can use them all!
i love @formvalidation … the jquery plugin… not the guy behind the code ;-)
@formvalidation Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this amazing script!!!!!
You saved my day @formvalidation
@formvalidation haha thanks for the plugin you rock.
Thanks again to @formvalidation for the quick reply. Be sure to check out Bootstrap Validator. It's the best I've found.


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